Talk 2012-02: Relationship Between the Generations

Café Economique Session, Wednesday February 29th 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Fade, 171 Mansfield Road Nottingham, NG1 3FR
Non-alcoholic refreshments like tea and coffee also available for those who want them up to 9pm.

Relationship Between the Generations

Can we be sure life expectancy will continue to grow and thus that there will continue to be higher numbers of older people dependent on fewer younger people? What are the implications if this happens? Does it matter that the finance sector has taken over the provision of many pensions and what has been their role? The idea of “sustainability” is supposed to be about not negatively effecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs – how does that affect the debate about inter-generational distribution and justice? What is the role for elder people in society?

Download presentation from talk (can be view on Libre Office)


Talk 2012-01: Intentional Communities and Income Sharing

Café Economique Session, Wednesday January 25th 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Fade, 171 Mansfield Road Nottingham, NG1 3FR

Intentional Communities and Income Sharing

Can creating community help us to survive – even transform – the economic crisis?

Two speakers will be sharing their experiences of living in intentional communities with a focus on how economic issues can be addressed by a community-based approach. There will be an in-depth look at an example of a group that income-shares in the Midlands.

Come and share your ideas, experiences and hopes.

Talk 2011-12: Crimes of the Financial Elite

Café Economique Session, Thursday December 15th 2011
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: International Community Centre, Mansfield Road, NG1 3FN

Crimes of the Financial Elite

Professor of Economics and Law and former financial regulator William K. Black estimated that there were at least one and a half million felonies in the period of the sub-prime lending spree in the US – similar processes happened in the UK too – while the City of London and its associated network of tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions are globally the number one locations for evading regulation, hiding financial crime and tax evasion…

Room 2 at the International Community Centre for a presentation on financial crime and its role in the financial crisis. There will also be a showing of part of the excellent Charles Ferguson documentary “Inside Job” followed by a discussion. (That’s a DVD I would recommend buying if you have not seen it already).

View Inside Job and get a study guide PDF at Inside Job on filmsforaction.