Talk 2012-08: The Roots of Economics in Moral Philosophy: What has gone so wrong?

Meeting on “The roots of Economics in Moral Philosophy: What has gone so wrong?” on Thursday 30th August at 7.30pm. A room has been booked at the International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Road (near the junction with Woodborough Road and Mansfield Road, slightly up the hill from the Victoria Centre).

In the early 1970s the history of economic thought was dropped as a topic carried by the important academic journals and as a topic for teaching economics students. Many economists probably think that Adam Smith was the first economist. In fact economics goes back as far as Aristotle and was taught at Universities in Europe as early as 1250. This was an economic thinking developed by monks who had taken a vow of poverty and it covered issues that subsequently got forgotten or relegated to the small print and footnotes. Economists nowadays piously tell us that their subject – positive economics – describes the world as it is, not the world as it should be. In this discussion Brian Davey will show how economists strive to represent what is no more than a patently ideological belief system as a neutral “science”…