Discussion 2012-12: An alternative to the economics of Christmas

Venue: The Gatehouse, Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham, NG1 5FS
Time: 7:30 onwards, Tuesday 11th December 2012
How did a festival for giving and generosity turn into an orgy of consumption and profit?
(There will probably be another informal discussion on Tue 8 Jan – tbc. We also need to discuss a topic for public meeting in Jan.)
Unfortunately this discussion meeting was cancelled.

Discussion 2012-11: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

Time: 7:30 onwards, Tuesday 13th November 2012
Venue: The Gatehouse, Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham, NG1 5FS

A discussion on inequalities in health and income, with particular reference to The Spirit Level (Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett, 2010). See main Facebook page of Cafe Economique for background links.

Discussion: Why Equality is better for everyoneThe Spirit Level is a book you have to buy but here is a summary from 2010: www.newstatesman.com/society/2010/11/inequality-social-health-essay
Some information, including a response to critics, is on the Equality Trust website: www.equalitytrust.org.uk/resources/response-to-questions
The first four pages of Hugh Noble’s response give a good summary of what The Spirit Level is about (the rest is a discussion on statistical techniques):
The Economist special report (For Richer, For Poorer, 13 Oct 2012) has a different perspective: www.economist.com/specialreports. The final section (A True Progressivism) wants to “tackle inequality and boost growth”.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/226713940793408/