Planning 2013-01-08

On the evening of Tuesday 8th January 2013 we had a planning meeting to discuss the future of Café Economique Nottingham. Attendance was: Nigel Lee, Ian Hewitt, Alan, Matthew McVeagh, Moby Farrands. There were lots of ideas and proposals but we didn’t finalise anything so we decided to adjourn and continue a couple of weeks later. Hopefully people who could not make that meeting will be at this?

Items to discuss include:

  • Ideas for a programme of monthly talks from February to June that would be attractive to attendees and keep the group going and viable
  • Whether we should change the name and remit of the group and if so what to
  • Can we settle on a permanent venue that is convenient, affordable and attractive

We welcome suggestions from people whether they can make them in person at the meeting or not.


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