Planning 2013-01-24

On the evening of Tuesday 8th January 2013 we had a planning meeting to discuss the future of Café Economique Nottingham. There were lots of ideas and proposals but we didn’t finalise anything so we decided to adjourn and continue a couple of weeks later. Hopefully people who could not make that meeting will be at this?

Date: Thursday 24th January 2013
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30 (but probably continuing)

The venue is the the Lounge room at the end of the Mezz Bar on the first floor of the Broadway. Go into the Broadway building, turn left and go up the stairs one storey, thru the double doors, all the way thru the bar to the other end and thru an open door into the Lounge. It has a lot of square pouffy seating and we will probably be in a corner.

Items to discuss include:

  • Ideas for a programme of monthly talks from February to June that would be attractive to attendees and keep the group going and viable
  • Whether we should change the name and remit of the group and if so what to
  • Can we settle on a permanent venue that is convenient, affordable and attractive
Where are we going from here?

Where are we going from here?

We welcome suggestions from people whether they can make them in person at the meeting or not. Here are some of the ideas already suggested:


  1. Participatory Economics and the International Organisation for a Participatory Society
  2. The Partnership Council Skills Exchange – an example of a working local alternative economy that actually benefits ordinary people
  3. The Co-operative Movement

Have not only only outside speakers but local people – mix it up and also reduce the expenses cost.


It was suggested that we broaden the group to include wider political issues besides just economics.
“Café Economique et Politique”
“Economic (and Political) Discussion Forum”
Reach out to people in other groups challenging the political and economic status quo at the moment.



  • Preferably free
  • Ideally without distractions e.g. noise, uninterested people interrupting
  • Possibly able to buy a drink, conviviality
  • As central as possible
  • Convenient to parking


  • Friends’ Meeting House – is there a downstairs room that seats 20 people which we could get for £10?
  • Lincolnshire Poacher upstairs room
  • Peacock upstairs room

Feel free to pass invitation to this meeting on to anyone who might like to contribute positively to the future of this group.

Notes from meeting of Café Economique Planning Committee

Date: Thursday, 24 Jan. 7:30
Present: Matthew, Nigel, Alison, Ian, Alan
Apologies: Olumide
These notes written by Alan


1) Various alternative names were proposed, but in the end we decided to stick with Café Economique.

2) For continuity, it is a good idea to meet in the same location and on the same night of every month. We will meet upstairs at The Peacock (11 Mansfield Road) every third Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

3) Possible discussion topics/speakers/format:
– We will attempt to put on sessions that rely on both internal speakers & internal expertise + external speakers. This will be done on a roughly alternating monthly basis.
– The following topics/speakers were suggested:
a) Living on Benefits
b) The Co-op Movement
c) Time banking and skills exchange
d) Co-housing communities
e) What does ‘alternative economics’ mean? A close reading of a typical manifesto/ set of principles (e.g. Principles for a New Economy by the New Economy Network –
f) Listen to a sample interview in the BBC Analysis series – and then discuss it. (E.g. Steve Keen: Why Economics Is Bunk) –
g) The economic programme of IOPS [The International Organisation for a Participatory Society] (Jason Chrysostomou) –
h) The local currencies movement (e.g., The Bristol Pound – )
i) The current state of resistance to the economic crisis (Andreas Bieler, Nottingham Uni. – )

4) We will meet on the following evenings (with planned discussion leaders/speakers in brackets):
1) Thursday, 21 Feb.: Matthew McVeagh – Living on Benefits
2) Thursday, 21 March: Andreas Bieler – The current state of resistance to the economic crisis *
3) Thursday, 18 April: Jason Chrysostomou – IOPS

* Andreas Bieler will now be speaking on 18 April.

5) We will also be meeting (same location) on 16 May and 20 June. The topic and speakers for these two sessions are to be further discussed and arranged.

6) We currently have about £100 in the Cafe Econ bank account.


2 thoughts on “Planning 2013-01-24

  1. I have already checked out the Peacock upstairs room, as agreed at tonight’s meeting. It would be free to us if on a weekday evening, as long as we buy drinks. They are happy with the nature of the group (they have other discussion and debate groups using the room) and I explained that we’d probably have a break halfway thru for refills. The room is medium-sized to large for our purposes with a lot of café-style small round tables and equivalent chairs that can fit 4 or 5 to a table. Without being glittering it’s moderately attractive in appearance. The attendance limit is about 40-50.

    It looks pretty promising. The Peacock is fairly near the city centre, nearer the Poacher and Friends’ Meeting House anyway, and not far from car parks. And it’s where we would go after the talks we held at the ICC, so the group knows it already. It;d be two birds with one stone to have meetings there from the outset, and we’d avoid the room hire charge.

  2. Yes, that does sound promising Matthew. You’re right, it ain’t ‘glittering’….but does tick all of our boxes ( cheapest possible i.e. free, not a distracting buzz, drinks available on site, central location and good transport links, no mould and so on.) Perhaps before we meet again on 24 Jan., you could check what days of the week/month it is already booked by other groups and whether we could ‘book’ for specific nights between now and June.


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