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The roots of Economics in Moral Philosophy: What has gone so wrong?
Thursday August 30th 2012

Slides available here: Economics and Moral Philosophy slides

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Sustainable Development?: Rio 2012
July 2012

Amanda Smith of Nottingham Trent University will explore the recent Rio 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. She will explore the history of this conference (which was first held in Rio in 1992) and will comment on the problems associated with trying to impliment sustainable development across the globe. In particular, she will pick up on the key outcomes of the conference and facilitate a debate on these issues.

Slides available here: Rio 20 plus sustainable development

Euro Crisis by Brian Davey
Thursday June 7th 2012

Slides available here: Eurozone Crisis – slides June 22012

Money Theory – A Primer talk by Brian Davey
Thursday 30th June 2011
Introduction to basic money theory for their first public Cafe Economique. Talk Relates basic concepts to what is happening in the world right now, inclusive of the Greek financial crisis, and what should be done about it.

Notes from Talk…
Audio Files of talk, including Q&A…

Viable System Model (VSM) talk by Drs Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker.
27th October 2011
A way of organising with less hierarchy using system design.  The talk was held by Cafe Economique Nottingham.  The audio recording includes question and answer session:-
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Why should economists focus on happiness rather than growth? talk by Dr Amanda Smith, Senior Lecturer In International Studies Nottingham Trent University
24th November 2011
The talk was held by Cafe Economique Nottingham.
Download – Happiness and Growth II slide show (can be view on Libreoffice)

Relationship between the generations
29th February 2012
The talk was held by Cafe Economique Nottingham.
How will we care for the older members of society as fewer babies are born and people live longer?
Download powerpoint on pensions and inter-generational justice (can be view on Libreoffice)

Please comment below any useful resources we have missed. . . 


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