Discussion 2012-10: The Bank, the Credit Union and the Mattress

The second in a monthly series of discussion sessions of Café Economique members to complement the monthly talks. Discussion will be equal between all attendees – no speeches or presentations, just exchange of thoughts and ideas. Bring your own along to share.

Subject: The Bank, the Credit Union and the Mattress
WhereThe Gatehouse, Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham NG1 5FS
When: 7:30 onwards, Tuesday 9th October 2012
Facebook event linkhttps://www.facebook.com/events/145258808953383/

Where is the safest place to put our money in these troubled times? Can we really trust banks – any banks or particular banks? Which are worst, which are best? How do we effectively encourage banks to change their treatment of customers and their money?

How about Credit Unions as an alternative? Are they better, what are the advantages and disadvantages? What is the best way of running a credit union? What experience have people had with Nottingham Credit Union?

…Or should we just stuff all our money under the mattress and hope we’re not burgled? Or buy a really tough safe? Maybe it’s pointless trying to ‘save’ our money as it will become worthless some time in the future due to inflation, collapse of currencies, collapse of authorities issuing currencies, collapse of civilisation?

Maybe the only ‘wealth’ we can truly preserve is the wealth of our skills, our friendships and comradeships with people prepared to help and work with us, our knowledge, our energy, our communities, the basics of survival?

Lots of questions. Come and give your answers and discuss with others. This is not just theoretical.


Talk 2012-06a: Euro Crisis

Café Economique Session, Thursday June 7th 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: International Community Centre YMCA, Mansfield Rd

Euro Crisis

Brian Davey will give a talk and lead a discussion on the current contexts of the Euro Crisis.

Talk 2011-06: Money: what is it, how it’s created and why it’s become such a problem?


First Cafe Economic event is a discussion on:

‘Money: what is it, how it’s created and why it’s become such a problem?’

Introduction by Brian Davey (ecological economist and member of Feasta).

Event details

Date and Time: Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm
Entry: Free/ donation
Contact: briadavey AT googlemail.com

Facebook event

Location: Hopkinsons Tea and Coffee Bar (formally Art Org), 21 Station Street
(the street runs parallel alongside Nottingham railway station)

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