Talk 2012-03: Local Food Economy

Café Economique Session, Wednesday March 28th 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Fade, 171 Mansfield Road Nottingham, NG1 3FR
Non-alcoholic refreshments like tea and coffee also available for those who want them up to 9pm.

Local Food Economy
John McDonald of Ecoworks will introduce a discussion on the local food economy. The meeting will be at Fade, the Hard to Find Cafe, 171 Mansfield Road. All welcome.
It is generally accepted that modern agriculture is a way of turning oil into food – for every one calorie that our body takes in the modern food system takes ten or more to make the fertilisers and pesticides, drive the tractors and harvesters, prepare the food, transport it backwards and forwards across the world, package it and deliver it to our fridges, cookers and forks. But will the globalised supermarket economy survive after peak oil with energy becoming ever more expensive? Most environmentalists believe that the future food system must be local, with food growing designed to take advantage of the features of the local eco-system: local soils, water supply, micro-climate and topology – to minimise the amount of energy needed to grow, harvest and distribute food. Already in Greece the austerity has led to local farmers marketing directly to local people cutting out the supermarkets. Is this the sign of things to come and if so how do we develop a local food economy that meets the needs of all?